Synergy Solutions is a fully-functioning electric monitoring system, operated by a program that calculate the demanding currents in real time, and in advance for 15 minutes. The program can be utilized in both Thai and English, and it also saves personal information and behavior of electrical usages that would pave way to the methods of the management processes in the company.

Smart monitor connects electricity through a meter of a variety of brands as part of the real time display, with graphs, numbers, or graphics. This connection is extended in relation to the temperature, amount of gas, wind, and humidity. It also contains a balance phase, and an alarm system that can send notifications via e-mail. Additionally, the calculation of energy per the production works in real time.


Smart reporter allows for you to send reports via Excel, and Open Office, which will be used to analyze the electricity index of prior usages. The auto report function provides a convenient transfer of information, and there is also a calculation of the load factor for efficient management purposes. The electricity index is calculated in normal, TOD, and TOU format. The demanding and parameter costs are displayed graphically or numerically.


Smart Draw

A practical tool that assists users in making graphic designs conveniently, and beautifully on Windows OS. With only a few layers of functions, the resulting output is displayed accurately and precisely.


Monitoring and energy on the web Users can view the information in real time through a convenient graphic format via the web browser. The output energy can be adjusted, as well as the report and the history of the work, and the Billing function costs are portrayed in graphic mode. The results can be viewed from the web broswer, smart phones, tablets, and monitor screens, in which they would be applied to the management of the electricity in the company.

OEE Report

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is one of the tools commonly used to measure the capacity of the engines and of machinery in general. This tool helps determine behavior and the strength, and tracks loss timing of the engines. These qualities lead us to find rooms for improvement, decreasing any damage that may be caused. It runs through SmartEE, allowing for easier measurements of the OEE value, done in real time.

More options

The program can deliver commands via OPC to the programs, Power HMI, LABVIEW, Visual basic, etc. The information received can be posted in the website and the file type can be changed from a binary file to an SQL.

Smart Control

An additional tool which covers the functioning processes of the program with the edited Load command via PLC, Remote VO,or Contact Relay. The regulations are based on the demands of Smart monitor and/or an adjustable schedule.