The best way to monitor cleanliness level in the manufacturing process of precision parts and work environments at low cost.

A monitor that can constantly detect particles over 0.3 μm in cleanrooms, clean booths, semiconductor/food manufacturing processes, printing processes, hospital facilities, and other environments requiring cleanliness monitoring at Class1,000 to 100,000.
LED display showing cleanliness level supports visualization of suspended particles and is useful for HACCP management.
The sensor unit also can constantly detects particles over 0.3 μm. The compact sensor design is suitable for incorporation into production equipment and installation in a narrow space.

Capable to detect suspended particles at low cost.
Easy-to-check 4 step LED display for cleanliness level Class 1,000 to 100,000. Detect particles over 0.3μm and over a few μm*
(*reference value).
5 models available for suitable application and communication interface. Detachable sensor unit to maintain continuous measurement during calibration. Temperature and humidity sensor available as an option.

Detachable Sensor Unit

Sensor unit is detachable and replaceable with new sensor unit to maintain continuous measurement during the sensor calibration.

Multi-point Measurement in Cleanroom

Capable to measure at multi ple points at the same time. Easy network construction.

Install Sensor Unit into Production Equipment

Install sensor unit into production equipment such as semiconductor to monitor suspended particles inside. Useful for keeping manufacturing quality in good.

Monitoring at Data Center and Server Room

Constant monitoring in places where particles accumulation is disliked. Contribute to managing cleaning frequency.

Calibration Service

Annual calibration of sensor unit is recommended. For details, please contact retailer or us directly.

Issued Documents: Calibration Certificate Inspection Report Traceability System Diagram

Temperature and Humidity Sensor(Optional)

Connect optional sensor(CHU-L151-11A-AES)to Particle Sensing Monitor for monitoring temperature and
relative humidity continuously

Particle Sensor

Validation Test by 3rd Party Certificate

Environmental Network Management

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