About us

Environmental Network Management co., Ltd (ENM) is created from a group of talented engineer’s in front running companies that have built many experiences in M & E, HVAC and system integrators for building automation. We have developed unique systems and solutions based on the most communicative platform, and we are one of the Honeywell dealers in Thailand. Energy saving, and indoor climate connected to a user friendly web based user interface are our main focuses. Our effective methods have been successfully integrated into many of the complex buildings and industries in Thailand, and we are strict to assure the best quality of products for our customers. We have many of the owners as customers, and through our projects and experiences they really see that we can provide constructive solutions and preserve energy for prolonged usage, which in turn, increases efficiency. Our focus is based on the human interface, dashboards and availability via the internet and all internet devices are very important in our strategy.


● Full scope capability concept to support
● Front end Engineering and Design
● Turnkey Engineering, Procurement and Construction
● Main Automation Contractor
● Installation, commissioning and support
● Regulatory Compliance as Applicable


● Data cable system
● Process Control system
● Instrument & Measurement
● Network Controller
● Power Controller


● Process Control
● Building Automation
● Power Monitors
● Power and Energy Management
● Variable Speed Drive for Energy-Efficient
● Green Automations
● Good Automated Manufacturing Practices